My job combines the great interests in my life: gardens, plants and photography. I enjoy all the seasons and all sorts of conditions from foggy, misty days and weak winter sun to high summer where long shadows make a composition in themselves. Flowers and trees fascinate me and some of my best pictures have been taken by chance. I work on both editorial and private commissions and have illustrated books by leading garden writers and features for magazines.

Art & Crafts

Still life photography is a major part of my portfolio. I have a great admiration for artists and craftspeople from potters and textile artists to sculptors and printers. It is a privilege to visit their studios, where I can be a fly on the wall observing and photographing them at work.


Food photography is all about presentation. The food has to look delicious and tempting yet it is essential that you choose the right props. You need to visualize the picture before you shoot it. The styling of the image - the dishes, the cloths and the background - all play a crucial part in the composition.