Cas Holmes, textile artist, inspirational teacher and author often describes her art as ‘stitch sketching’. She is a scavenger, taking the debris of our daily lives: old clothes, fabrics, torn bits of notes, treasures from a long forgotten scrap box –even detritus left on the street - and together with her exquisite sketches of nature and the urban landscape, entwines all these elements into extraordinary works of art. Never without her sketchbook and sewing kit, Cas says she has no fixed idea of how a piece of work is going to pan out and yet all of them have a wonderful cohesion. There is a poignancy running through every piece and you can imagine her silent reflection as she brings all her gifts together, dyeing, painting and stitching to produce a unique piece of craftsmanship.

Here is a glimpse into her studio.

Looking through a window into an artists studio

Into the artist’s studio. A glance through a window into Cas Holmes's studio.

A table with sketches, a watercolour painting and jar of wild flowers.

A jam jar of wild flowers by a painting, drawings and a sketchbook in Cas Holmes studio.

Looking through a window at an artist working

A glimpse of an artist at work.

Jars of crayons and bamboo pens.

A collection of brushes, bamboo pens, crayons and pencils laid out ready for use.

An artist sitting painting in her studio

Cas Holmes adding the finishing touches to a painting.

A view through a window of an artist using a sew machine

Looking into the studio while Cas Holmes is working at her sewing machine.

An artist sitting by a her sewing machine.

Checking the stitching and tying off some of the loose threads.

Printer roller and sketches

Work in progress, sketches and prints that will later be incorporated into a mix media textile artwork by Cas Holmes.

Sewing, a hand holding a needle.

Hand sewing motifs onto a printed sheet of paper.

Interior of an artists studio

Inside Cas Holmes's studio, looking across the sewing table to the printing bench. All the works benches and cupboards have been created out of recycled materials.

A folded fabric book .

A sneak preview into the folded journal, Lanidloes, created out of cloth, print and stitch by Cas Holmes.

Jacqui Hurst
Award winning photographer specialising in gardens, applied arts, crafts and regional food producers