Workshops in the UK in 2020

See below the list of my upcoming photography workshops in tranquil locations in the UK.  I also provide individual or small group private photographic tuition please feel free to contact me.


FSC Flatford Mill, Suffolk - Photographing Winter Outlines - 31 January to 2 February 2020

Come and explore the winter shapes, outlines and structures in and around Flatford Mill and learn how to create crisp, minimal images from the lines and forms. During the weekend we will investigate the graphic potential of winter outlines, look at the shapes, patterns and rhythms within the landscape, how they relate to each other and how to place them within the frame. We will work both in colour and black and white. Most of the time will be spent out and about taking pictures and honing your skills to create stunning compositions in camera rather than relying on post image manipulation.

West Dean College, Sussex – Garden Photography – Early Spring Vistas and Close-ups 14 to 16 February 2020

Come and be inspired by the early spring bulbs at West Dean with its sheets of snowdrops and purple carpets of crocuses. February is an ideal time to hone your garden photography skills before the spring really gets started. The main focus of this course is to learn and practice the art of framing ground hugging flowers whether close-up or landscape. To become aware of how different weather conditions influence and enhance an image by adding depth and atmosphere. This is an ideal opportunity to build on your photographic skills.

Sculpture by the Lakes, Dorset - Capture the Energy of Early Spring - 28-29 February 2020

This workshop is ideal for those who would like to improve their photography skills and capture the essence of early spring at Sculpture by the Lakes. Time will be spent photographing in the gardens and by the lakes learning and practicing the art of producing atmospheric images. You will learn how to make the most of the crisp spring light to enrich vistas, plant portraits and abstract details and textures. We will take a closer look at the changing landscape created by all the new growth. We will consider what makes a good picture and how to get it right in camera rather than post image manipulation. Over the two days we will cover different camera modes: programme, aperture priority, shutter speed and if time, manual. We will also look at focusing, ISO and exposure compensation. It is suitable for those with a digital SLR or an advanced compact camera.

FSC Flatford Mill , Suffolk - Photographing Spring Gardens - 10-13 April 2020

This three-day course, over the Easter weekend, is ideal for keen photographers who love spending time taking pictures in gardens. We will immerse ourselves amongst the new spring leaves and flowers; forget-me-nots, narcissus and primroses, at several locations near Flatford Mill including the moated garden at Columbine Hall and the arboretum at Place for Plants. Most of the time will be spent taking pictures from vistas through to close ups while acquiring new skills about how to get the most from our cameras. Learning how to quickly adjust the ISO, master manual focusing and more, plus observing how the quality of the light, weather and time of day influences our pictures. The emphasis of the weekend is about composition and taking well-composed pictures rather than relying on post image manipulation. It is suitable for those who have an advance compact or digital SLR camera

West Dean College, Sussex – Garden Photography at West Dean – a taster day – 2 May 2020

This taster day session has proved so popular, I have been asked to re-run it. Aimed at plant lovers who would like to develop their camera skills. Most of the day will be spent in the gardens of West Dean and mid-spring is the ideal time as the blossom should be in full bloom, the camassias flowering and there will be drifts of cow parsley and dandelion clocks. Composition is the theme of the day and we shall be learning how to take stunning well-composed vistas. Students will gain confidence working with cameras in aperture mode and learning about depth of field, and how and when to use exposure compensation.

West Dean College, Sussex – Digital Photography – Capturing Colour in the Garden – 5 to 7 June 2020

The start of summer is a perfect time to go out into the garden with your camera. At West Dean the roses will be blooming, irises and peonies will be flowering and the grass is still green and lush. During the weekend we will explore the garden in terms of colour, light and shade. The main focus of the course will be practicing the art of framing well-composed vistas and close-ups. Students will gain an understanding of how depth of field influences the mood and outcome of their pictures and how different qualities of light and weather enhance and saturate the colours or bleach them out. You will learn the quickest way to adjust the ISO, how to master manual focusing and how to switch confidently between different camera modes. We will spend most of the time outside taking pictures. Be prepared for one early morning start in order to capture the soft dawn sunlight.

Private Tuition

I am happy to arrange private tutorials tailored to your individual needs, whether you want to get to grips with your camera, need some further technical help on focus, exposure and composition or would like guidance on how to use your photographs to showcase your business. We can also go through practical aspects such as downloading and storing. We can discuss your requirements beforehand so you can get the very best from this one-to-one experience. On the day, we shall spend a few minutes talking through the basics and then will go out ‘into the field’ and take pictures. There will be plenty of time afterwards to go through your images. Private tutorial subjects include: table top/still life photography; gardens/plants. Cost: £40.00 per hour (If you bring a friend or partner there will be £5.00 (12.5% ) discount per person).